We are in the process of changing our course outline and pricing which will take full affect 8/15-8/25. The official notice will go out around 8/5-8/8 so this is a great time to lock in the old prices before the change. (Print My ATM Fan Page)


That’s right new things are happening at Print My ATM along with our new changing course outline and other amazing features prices are set to go up on all the levels.

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So don’t miss out on this opportunity if you’ve been thinking about trading this is the sign that you’ve been waiting for.

If you’ve been looking for ways to generate income online without selling or recruiting then this is the sign that you’ve been waiting on.

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Print My ATM/ PMA Results $187 Profit

Here is a look at one of our intermediate students in Print My Atm and the results they are getting using the technique and education created uniquely by the CEO and PMA Trading Team.

Start getting results like this and start generating income like this in minutes without ever having to recruit or sell a product.

Join the trading revolution and start your journey to financial freedom.




Message Lee Hopkins today, he’s one the Print My ATm students all the way from the UK who is generating profits like these daily. Facebook contact below


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$1,200 profit with Print My ATM/PMA 7/22/14

I love waking up to these in the morning…one of my Expert Students went from $1,840 to $6,490 in 24 hours after I reviewed his trading schedule last week. This one will aid me in managing $5-$15 million before this year is over.

I have 2 other students that I will reveal publicly next month that became 6 figures traders from PMA Education and will more than likely be our 1st public 7 figure traders for 2015.

As long as you follow the process then you will reach your goal from either managing your own capital or managing others capital!




Print My ATM Affiliate : Are they making money?


Are print my atm affiliates making money?

Hell yes we are, for the month of July I’m already up $1,500 in commission and I still have another 2 weeks before this month is over.

Right about now there is a huge demand for trading and this is why Print My ATM is perfect to promote. With their no selling and no recruiting techniques they are a breath of fresh air in the marketing world.

You can literally generate income without ever recruiting or selling a lot of veteran and even beginner marketers are looking for ways to grow their income without having to rely heavily on marketing.

This is where you step in and supply these individual with the solution to their problem a way to generate income without recruiting.

Below is a look at the current commissions, I have earned with Print My Atm for the month of July.






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PMA scam alert : Is this too good to be true?

Wow another amazing day for PMA, but some are beginning to wonder is this too good to be true?

And honestly as a current active PMA student I can say that even though PMA does sound too god to be true, they are for real.

The results are amazing and PMA students are seeing real results. I have a facebook group with less than 20% of the active PMA members and everyday somebody is commenting about their amazing results.

Whether it’s using the basic techniques, or the intermediate traders, they are all seeing success.

Here’s a look at what PMA is teaching their Advance and Expert Students check out these results and what William Saunders is saying.


Sooooo…dont attempt to do something like this unless your prepared with the Reverse Spread Technique. This is my last week or so working with this account before I start managing the other accounts so I’m turning it up these last few days if the market allows me.

I had over 80% of my account with open trades but knew more than 95% I would walk out alive with $60,000-$133,000 profit. Lets just say that anything is possible including winning 38 trades during 1 session.I’m up $212k for July thus far.

William Saunders (William Saunders 07/16/14 FB post)






PMA Ranked Over $680k in June w/ Print My ATM Binary Options Trading!

For the month of June Print My Atm ranked over $680k.

PMA continues to grow as the months progress, I look forward to their 1 year anniversary coming up in late October.


For more infomation on Print My ATM you can head to their official webiste www.printmyatm.com 

To join Print My ATM under me you can head over to http://www.mypcmoney.biz

Curious to meet some of the students at Print My ATM then message me on facebook asking access to our facebook group http://www.facebook.com/thepinkcassie

Is PMA another Binary Options MLM?

Is PMA another binary options MLM?

Somebody recently asked me this question especially with all the “binary options programs” that has launched.

First off those “binary options programs” are coming from network marketer who have less than 6 months experience trading options. They learned a bit about MT4 charts and candles and that’s suppose to make them an expert in trading.

All I have to say is there’s more to trading then just MT4 charts and candles, better yet let me put this way to you. Would you pay a person thousands of dollars to perform heart surgery on you just because they recently learned what a heart is and what it does?

Of course not, only a fool would and this is why I recommend PMA always. The creator and CEO has been trading and investing for over 3 years. He’s not another marketer who hopped on the new hottest trend just make a couple of dollars on you.

Check out what he had to say on his facebook wall in regards to whether PMA is another binary options MLM?



“Understand that PMA is not an Binary Options MLM Chop Shop for me to make a few bucks from my students tuition or my students loses with these brokers. You will not find another educational system like it due to the connections I’ve built in the investing industry, unique vision, and god given talents. You can learn every indicator, candle, software, and etc. but your nothing more than a walking library until you can put it to use in an trading account!” – William Saunders 




for more information on PMA the email me castdemos@gmail.com or message me on facebook.com/thepinkcassie

Stay At Home Makes $10,704.34 In June Without Selling Or Recruiting

Now usually I refrain from posting pictures of my profits or what I do for a living. But today I logged in my paypal account and I was going through my numbers to see how much in profit I made for the month of June. When I noticed that I broke a milestone in my line of work by generating $10,000 in profit for the month of June. 

I am extremely proud of myself because honestly I’ve been generating income online for the past 3 years and the most I’ve ever made in a month is $1,200. And honestly did not mind nor did I care because my partner is making like 10 times that amount and he supports me and our children 100%. He takes care of everything and has never complain so I never felt it was necessary for me to generate any real income online.

But January 2014 I was listing to Will Smith and his wife talk to Oprah about their relationship (I really admire their relationship) and Will Smith mentioned how his wife is his equal. She’s his equal financially, mentally and physically, and because they are equals their relationship is strong. I heard this and for the first time in 3 years, something clicked and I realized I wasn’t my partners equal.

On a scale of 1-10 my partner is 10 and I was a 4, I spent my days using his American Express card to buy random stuff online while watching Real Housewives Of Atlanta and eating Nutella sandwich chocolate chip cookies while complaining about the fact that I failed another semester of College. 

I was ashamed of myself because I couldn’t even meet my partner half way, even though he would never let me pay any bills. It was shocking to realized that if something was to happen to him today, I would be stuck and I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself or our children once his savings ran out.

And that’s when I decided I was going to step my game up and be a 10. I stop watching junk on tv, started eating right and exercising, reading books and taking my online income serious. 
I found a company that fit my style, one that gave me the freedom of knowing I don’t have to sell or recruit anybody to make money and this was PERFECT for me.

I started generating income with them 4-5 months ago and it started slow with a $3,000 a month, then next thing I know I was at $5,000, then I was making $7,000 and now for June I just did $10,000.

As you can see my profits are growing every month, and it’s going to keep growing every month. My goal is to be at $100,000 a month by January 2015 and with the way this amazing company is set up I know I’ll reach my goal. 

I just wanted to share my story and success with you, to help you realize that it’s all about moving forward. A year ago I would of never thought this would be me right now, but here I am stepping up to the plate and taking control of my life. I’m not depending on my partner 100% anymore, I know if anything was to happen that I could make it in this world.

And I believe anybody especially YOU who is reading this can accomplish the same results and more (I know this personally, a friend of mine that I introduced to this company is making 3 times my income a month, amazing!!). 

If you want to know more about me or my company and how you can start generating thousands in profit every month without selling or recruiting like how I’m doing. Then feel free to add me on Facebook and send me a message www.facebook.com/thepinkcassie or email me at castdemos@gmail.com



Print My Atm Real Testimonial


This is what some of the students at Print My ATM is saying about their binary options education course. If you’ve been considering binary options and you’ve been looking for proper education, then this is the place you need to be.

As soon as day 1 you can use PMA information to trade and bring in a profit. You will see results, like how to generate $42,000 in 168 minutes. Expert Level education from PMA is $15,000 tuition down payment, but you can start seeing results today with their basic tuition level for only $49.95.