PMA scam alert : Is this too good to be true?

Wow another amazing day for PMA, but some are beginning to wonder is this too good to be true?

And honestly as a current active PMA student I can say that even though PMA does sound too god to be true, they are for real.

The results are amazing and PMA students are seeing real results. I have a facebook group with less than 20% of the active PMA members and everyday somebody is commenting about their amazing results.

Whether it’s using the basic techniques, or the intermediate traders, they are all seeing success.

Here’s a look at what PMA is teaching their Advance and Expert Students check out these results and what William Saunders is saying.


Sooooo…dont attempt to do something like this unless your prepared with the Reverse Spread Technique. This is my last week or so working with this account before I start managing the other accounts so I’m turning it up these last few days if the market allows me.

I had over 80% of my account with open trades but knew more than 95% I would walk out alive with $60,000-$133,000 profit. Lets just say that anything is possible including winning 38 trades during 1 session.I’m up $212k for July thus far.

William Saunders (William Saunders 07/16/14 FB post)






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