Work From Home Book & JVzoo

The successful book Work From Home Confessions by Casthra Demosthene may be coming soon to Jv zoo and this is exciting news for a lot of reasons.
This book is perfect for anyone in the work from home industry such as network marketing, MLM, and direct sales. A majority of JV zoo clienteles are already into network marketing and affiliate marketing, offering this book to your audience is another easy sale.Which is why we were super excited when we heard that they may launching the book with JV zoo.
I recommend that you get a head start and order your copy today, start putting out your YouTube video reviews and gathering your list. With a hefty 50% commission compensation, you are look at another great opportunity to make a lot of money helping your friends.

Top 5 Marketing Styles

Top 5 marketing styles

When it comes to marketing, there are different type of styles to choose from, and each work and convert differently. The goal isn’t to use all of these styles when you but rather for you to find a style that works for you and your products or service. These top 5 marketing styles are provided by Work From Home Confessions by Casthra Demosthene.

A 14 chapter book that goes over everything you need to know about working from home, and I highly recommend picking up a copy, but let’s start with this list.

  1. Content Marketing:

    Content marketing focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, consistent, content to attract and retain a audience and increase a profitable customer action.

  2. Lifestyle Marketing:

    This type of marketing creates an enthusiastic and loyal customer base and establishes the brand as a valuable part of the consumer’s every day life.

  3. Email Marketing:

    Email marketing works because it’s versatile, you can send different type of information via email, and it’s a great way to stay connected with people who are interested in your business, or current customer.

  4. Social media marketing:

    Social media marketing utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool. Social media marketing has become popular because of website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,and more.

  5. Mobile Marketing:

    Mobile marketing is increasing in popularity as more and more people spend a majority of their time using their cell phones.

Work From Home Book

By clicking on the picture you can more details on working from home, and as a bonus if you have kindle unlimited then you have access to the book for FREE! So take advantage of this opportunity and you’ll see the a difference in your business.

Connect With The Author:

Cashra Demosthene

Work From Home Confessions

Surprise Bonus

I’m going to get straight to the point working from home isn’t all rainbows and sunshine regardless of how those on top make it seem. Hence why there is such a high percentage of failures and individuals making less than $600 a month working from home. Why is that? What’s going on in that industry? These some of the many questions that I had and a young lady has decided to answer these questions for us.

Casthra Demosthene has been in the work from home industry for over 4 years, she is print my atm’s top affiliate in 2015 earning over 5 figures. She has experience as a parent working from home and is able to use her experience to relate to anyone considering working from home. Recently she published her book Work From Home Confessions, a 200 page book that’s shedding light to what really goes on behind the computer screen when you work from home.

She cover’s cyber bullying and how to use that negativity to in order to increase sales and boost you social network. The importance of learning how to sell effectively, and who can learn from. Tips and tricks to help out parents who are working from home and her fast track to making realistically $10,000 a month or more working from home. Best part is you can find a copy of the book on Amazon, and kindle unlimited for free. But I highly recommend purchasing the paperback version of the book, so you can physically have the book to access. By clicking the picture below you’ll be able to access this book, tap into this information and actually see success in your work from home business.


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400,000 facebook likes

 Here is an email I a message I received attached with the pictures below
OMG thank you Casthra, your Fb course is the bomb!!
I’ve been following it for a while now and I finally got 400,000
fans on my fan page.
Thank you again.
(A happy customer) *Name changed to protect identity
So if you’re looking for facebook results,
This student has been using the course for about 4-6 months now
growing their fan page.

1st Week Of April In The Online World

I love starting Mondays like this, took some trades early this morning between 11pm-3am (I can’t give out specific times because these trades came from PMA’s Advance section. Also I don’t recommend doing big sums like that unless you are at least on Intermediate (Just my personal opinion) )


Got some clicks from FB, which lead to 2 sales today, not a bad way to start April huh??


*** Here is some truth, not everyday is amazing like this for me. As you can see in my commission proof pic (Right below) there was a 4 day gap between the 1st sale I made this month and the ones I made today.


So don’t stress out when you send people to your site and you don’t get a sale, it takes some people longer to join the movement and that’s ok.
Stay consistent and it’ll work out at the end, I don’t always make a sale from my Fb Ads but 95% of the time I do get real leads that open my email.

As long as they are opening your emails, you have an opportunity to make a sale with that person.

Paying for Fan Page Like


I was getting charged $4.96 for page likes with this specific targeted audience and after 24hrs and only 228 people out of the 3,000 that were suppose to see my ad, I turned off the ad.

Why??? Because paying $5 for page likes doesn’t do much for my business especially with the lack of interaction from that specific targeted audience.

Especially since I was targeting the “work from home” audience, and due to the fact this specific category is really popular with business, FB is going to charge me more to show it to people. Not only that but my budget was only $5 so at $4.96 per click, I could only get 1 click.

Now if this was going to my capture page like I mentioned then I would increase my budget or tweak my ad by adding different stuff to drive down the price.

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Split testing FB ADS: Can Be Done

Why it’s important to sometime separate the sexes, the 1st picture is targeting females only, same interest and location and my estimated daily reach is in the thousands.

Now when I switch it to males only, my estimated daily reach has decreased to couple of hundreds but the potential reach is still in the millions.

These numbers increase and decrease even more when I add in different aspects to minimize my potential reach. So when placing ads on FB check out and see if your ads will work best with females or males.

You can do split testing with fb ads and I highly recommend doing this because it can save you a lot of money with your ads.

6_million_reach_female_  5_million_males_low_reach_


FB ADS Elite Course: How to get clicks for $0.01

I don’t always get clicks for a $0.01 when I create a ad, sometimes they start off at $0.91 or higher but I will give the ad 24hrs to see the kind of INTERACTIONS I’m getting from it.
Even if I’m paying $0.91 for clicks, as long as those clicks are converting to LEADS which equals SALES then I’ll make my profit.
So don’t freak out when you create an ad and you’re NOT getting a penny per clicks, or engagement. If you are TARGETING CORRECTLY then it’ll work in your favor.
Now if after 24hrs and this ad is still going for $0.91 and I’ve got zero leads from it, then I’ll change TACTICS and RE- EVALUATE my ad. It might be something with the wording or the audience I’M targeting, or even the landing page/website I’M sending this particular audience to.
Either way I’ll change 1 to 3 different ATTRIBUTES and test it again, 95% of the time that it’s and I’ll see a DRAMATIC change in my ad.
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