Is PMA another Binary Options MLM?

Is PMA another binary options MLM?

Somebody recently asked me this question especially with all the “binary options programs” that has launched.

First off those “binary options programs” are coming from network marketer who have less than 6 months experience trading options. They learned a bit about MT4 charts and candles and that’s suppose to make them an expert in trading.

All I have to say is there’s more to trading then just MT4 charts and candles, better yet let me put this way to you. Would you pay a person thousands of dollars to perform heart surgery on you just because they recently learned what a heart is and what it does?

Of course not, only a fool would and this is why I recommend PMA always. The creator and CEO has been trading and investing for over 3 years. He’s not another marketer who hopped on the new hottest trend just make a couple of dollars on you.

Check out what he had to say on his facebook wall in regards to whether PMA is another binary options MLM?



“Understand that PMA is not an Binary Options MLM Chop Shop for me to make a few bucks from my students tuition or my students loses with these brokers. You will not find another educational system like it due to the connections I’ve built in the investing industry, unique vision, and god given talents. You can learn every indicator, candle, software, and etc. but your nothing more than a walking library until you can put it to use in an trading account!” – William Saunders¬†




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