The Pursuit of Happiness


In the second section of the Declaration of Independence it reads “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

The last sentence is what I really want to focus on, the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s funny how the founding father’s guaranteed each and every one of the right to life and liberty but when it came to happiness, they could only guaranteed the pursuit of it.

This was no mistake, it’s not a typo, because no other individual can guarantee YOU happiness. Only you can guarantee happiness for yourself, take for instance Bill Gates he has found some type of happiness with the computer programs and products he creates. While other entrepreneurs in the same field are pursuing this same type of happiness, many wonder day and night why they are unable to obtain the same type of success as Bill Gates. The same people become jealous and angry, they feel as it Bill Gates owes them the knowledge of how he’s made his success. Although Bill Gates has book, seminars, programs, scholarship, etc geared toward providing every one with the knowledge of he became successful, many of us are still unable to do what Bill Gates did with computer programs and products.

So instead of waiting for someone to hold your hands and tell you step by step how to obtain success, YOU need to take the steps necessary towards success. Your happiness is at your mercy, if in order for you to be happy you want more money, to work less, spend more time with family, go on exotic vacations, purchase luxurious cars,hang out with celebrities, etc. Then get off your butt and start doing the work, stop staring at the computer screen getting mad at other network marketer who are making the type of income you desire. Instead of commenting that a certain program is a scam, do your research. Stop talking bad about your sponsors because they refuse to hand you over all the success and happiness you crave with little to no work on your part.

Network marketing, online opportunities and stay at home opportunities can help you achieve everything that you want but just like the founding father’s I can not guarantee you success, I can only guarantee you the knowledge that you have the right to be successful and happy. I don’t know which systems or programs that is going to get you specifically there, I just know the systems and programs that I participate in have led to great success and happiness for ME.





No leads or No sales please help

The key is setting up an “Strong Sale Funnel”!Draw all your targeted Leads and Traffic directly to your Funnel.Allow your Funnel to do all the selling, recruiting, and converting for you!

You will have only 1 of 2 issues if your not Earning Money Online.


1.) You don’t have Traffic or Leads.

2.) You have Traffic and Leads but No Sales.


If you don’t have Traffic or Leads then you need to pick up the work. Place more ads Online, do Offline Marketing, do Paid Marketing, or your probably Chasing/Turning people off by what and how your advertising. 

If you have Traffic or Leads but No Sales then its because your Sale Presentation or Sale Funnel wasn’t strong enough to explain, inspire, motivate, give comfort, and etc. In other words, Convert. This is why its not recommended to try and close sells yourself unless you have an proven strategy.

Also, you must have a ratio of 50 Opt-In Leads or more to bring any sales. So if you have 20 Opt-In Leads then you may have real go getters in that list so its possible to have 1-2 signups. Otherwise, don’t let off until your hitting 10+ Opt-Ins a day.

If you have your Opt-In ratio and a proven Sales Funnel and your leads are still not converting then there not Targeted Leads. You want people interested in what you have to offer.

Your Followup Email is crucial. I have people that saw my ad 2 months ago still signup to this day because of my followup. Be sure to make it personalize to “The Science of Network Marketing”! These are the basic principles to your Success.

I’ve shown you the way..You have to walk the Path!

Capture Page vs Capture Page by William Saunders (MCA)

Capture Page vs. Capture Page

I’ve learned that the capture pages don’t make a big difference as long as it has the basics! The average marketing systems are 15:1 meaning 15 leads then 1 sale. My marketing system is 10:1 so it’s better because I have it customize and my traffic is more serious.  The better quality traffic then your ratio will be 12:1, 11:1, 10:1, and rarely better!

Viral Success Network

The Capture Pages; are 20-50 and customize to meet your needs. They allow videos are the capture page so it converts best.

The Presentation; is whatever you choose. This is more hands on marketing so you have to created your system.

The Process; I use personal video on capture page, pre-screening, and forward to EZMM to complete Step 1 and Step 2.

The Auto-Responders; are Aweber, GVO, and Get Response!

The Price; is $49+ per month!

Uniqueness; is that we have serious co-ops, banners, text broadcast, and etc. We earn 50% monthly residual income when we refer others. The capture page has a social plug-ins next to the video so that people can like, tweet, and share which is the best way to make your site go viral.

Ratio; is 10:1.

Recommendation; is create an customizable capture page with a video. You can use the capture page to forward them to your custom system or one list below. Take advantage of the banners, co-ops, and residual income.

Take a look here:

The EZ Money Method


The Capture Pages; are short on detail. Great for getting people to but in their email address. There are only 6 and none are customizable. It just captures the email address.


The Presentation; is Adam Whitening  is telling his story which makes it personal  and people will relate to the story of working the 9 to 5 shift. It gives detail on MCA Services and Proof of Income!


The Process; is A person put in their email on the capture page, they watch an 20 min video, they click Step 1 to pay for MCA, and they click Step 2 to get the same Marketing System.


The Auto-Responders; are Aweber, GVO, and Get Response!


The Price; is FREE but when its free there is an chance for exit pop-ups or your leads being copied!


Uniqueness; is that this is an multi-platform marketing system. You are advertising 1 website for MCA but have the potential to earn income with GVO and Empower Network with no extra work. They offer training as well but ours is still more advance.


Ratio; 14:1.


Recommendation; I prefer EZMM because its has 3 systems in 1 and its for everyday type of folks. They do have exit pop-ups so there is an change they can get your lead when they exit the website. Other than that they still convert.


Take a look here:





MCA Marketing System


The Capture Pages; are very professional and customizable to promote the services or the business opportunity!


The Presentation; is by far the most professional I’ve seen.


The Process; A person will enter their name, email, and phone number. They are redirected to the service system or business system that you have chosen. They watch the video then scroll down below to sign up.


The Price; is $19.95 per month!


The Auto-Responders; are Aweber and Get Response


Uniqueness; It has over 20 different marketing systems that you can choose from..not capture pages but marketing systems. This is for those that are in multiple systems. They have one for the top 20+ business and you can use them all separately for the price of one. Refer 3 and your system is Free!


Ratio; 14:1.


Recommendation; is use this for classified sites and job fairs. It has a strong recruiting appearance.


Take a look here:






Get Weekly Pay Check


The Capture Pages; are mostly professional and are attention grabbers. They have 1 holiday capture page which is a plus for these last 3 holidays coming up. It captures the name, email, and number.


The Presentation; is basically one huge proof video that plays out pretty well.


The Process; is A person put in their name, email, and phone number on the capture page, they watch an 20 min video, they click Step 1 to pay for MCA, and they click Step 2 to get the same Marketing System.


The Auto-Responders; are Aweber and Get Response!


The Price; is $20 per month.


Uniqueness; is that when you refer a member then you earn $5 every time they pay their $20 monthly membership. They also offer Co-Op’s, Banners, Broadcast, and a ton of resources to advertise. The presentation has a social icon next to the video so that people can like, tweet, and share which is the best way to make your site go viral.


Ratio; 15:1.


Recommendation; is to use the holiday capture until X-Mas then the recruiting capture page when your recruiting on classified sites.


Take a look here:





The Automated Success Team


The Capture Pages; are professional and has an video which converts best.


The Presentation; is balanced with proof and then testimonials.


The Process;  A person put in the name, email, and phone number. Its takes you through a presentation then an application then a waiting list where you pay to become an MCA Rep.


The Price; is $1 trial then $14.95 after 5 days then monthly!


The Auto-Responders; are Aweber and Get Response!


Uniqueness; It has well known logo’s around the site. As seen on CNN, Fox News, and etc. They offer co-ops, banners, text alerts, and etc.


Ratio; 17:1.


Recommendation; use the logos to your advantage by doing offline marketing in the newspaper. It has an entrepreneurs look to it so target business mined individuals.


Take a look here:





MCA Service Website


No Capture Page; there is a contact form located on the right side of the website for name, email, and phone number. People can select why they are contacting you whether its for services, question, or joining your team.


The Presentation; is one video that you can choose from on either your YouTube channel or another you prefer.


The Process; A person can visit you site and may not need to watch the video to purchase the services. They select the plan they want and they pay for it right there on the site so no need to visit your tvc matrix site.


The Price; is $19.95 per month!


No Auto-Responder; all the leads are sent to your email.

Uniqueness; People will purchase the services without watching the video or filling in their contact form. They also have a blogging system on the website which is great for seo and you can track your sites visit for free with Google analytics. The website has a social icon next to the video so that people can like, tweet, and share which is the best way to make your site go viral.

Ratio; is not based on your leads but visits per day/week so it vary.

Recommendation; is to leave the video as a service video and not a business opportunity video. Use the blogging system to increase your search engine results.


Take a look here:





MCA Service Page

The Capture Page; has a video promoting the service opportunity.


The Presentation; use the MCA Benefit video.

The Process; A person put in their name, email, and phone number. They are taken to the MCA Benefit video and can select a package below to purchase. If they choose not to purchase then they can continue a tour and they will see the business opportunity video as well as the PDF guide.

The Price; is FREE!

Uniqueness; is that they start off strictly promoting the service then as a person continue they are introduce to the business opportunity. The presentation has a social icon next to the video so that people can like, tweet, and share which is the best way to make your site go viral.

No Auto-Responder; all your leads go to your email.

Ratio; is 19:1.

Recommendation; is to use this if you can purchase a service site. I prefer a company looking service site instead of all these capture pages and videos. The auto responder is not customizable which is not advised but the social plug-ins make up for it by 25%.

Take a look here: