FB ADS Elite Course: How to get clicks for $0.01

I don’t always get clicks for a $0.01 when I create a ad, sometimes they start off at $0.91 or higher but I will give the ad 24hrs to see the kind of INTERACTIONS I’m getting from it.
Even if I’m paying $0.91 for clicks, as long as those clicks are converting to LEADS which equals SALES then I’ll make my profit.
So don’t freak out when you create an ad and you’re NOT getting a penny per clicks, or engagement. If you are TARGETING CORRECTLY then it’ll work in your favor.
Now if after 24hrs and this ad is still going for $0.91 and I’ve got zero leads from it, then I’ll change TACTICS and RE- EVALUATE my ad. It might be something with the wording or the audience I’M targeting, or even the landing page/website I’M sending this particular audience to.
Either way I’ll change 1 to 3 different ATTRIBUTES and test it again, 95% of the time that it’s and I’ll see a DRAMATIC change in my ad.
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LEARN HOW I USE FB MARKETING to Generate clicks for as low as $0.01 in the USA! and how I TAUGHT MY STUDENTS TO generate clicks under $1. MY UNIQUE METHODS converted so well that I was able to create $9,400 a MONTH.


My technique and methods are simple YET unique, I’ve been studying FB MARKETING since 2013 and in 2014 I MASTERED FB MARKETING.

NOW IN 2015 I want to show YOU HOW for FREE, in this workshop you’ll learn…

1. How to create ads that convert by using micro-targeting.
2. How to generate clicks targeted clicks under $1.
3. How to maximize and optimize ANY business using FB.

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Why you should create a Facebook Fan Page?


Here is 10 reason’s why you should create a Facebook Fan page.

1. Unlimited Friend Count – While your personal Facebook account is capped at 5,000 friends and the rest can be followers who may never see your post. Your Fan page is above from all of that, you’re able to have unlimited fans and if you market correct you can get all of them to see your post.
2. Search Engine Results– Facebook Fan Pages are indexed, which means that some of the public content is indexed as well. As a business, you want to show up on the search engines but do make sure you have traffic going to your site. The fan page can not be your only way to generate traffic to your website.
3. Tagging Your Brand- You and your fans can tag your fan page when you write a post on your personal Facebook account which equals more people seeing your fan page.
4. Facebook Insights– Your fan page have analytic, you get to see the kind of people that interacting on it and you can focus you attention on them. Sad to say you can’t do this with your personal facebook account yet using Facebook.
5. Advertising– My bread and butter personally and you can only advertise on Facebook if you have a fan page because Facebook has to connect your ads with a fan page.
6. Admin Connections– Now with your personal Facebook account the only way you can give somebody access to post is to give them your personal password and that sucks. Honestly you don’t want somebody to have access to your personal stuff, but with a fan page you can give them access and limit what they can and can’t do.
7. Promoted Posts– In the beginning of 2014 Facebook allowed us to boost a post on our personal account but took that feature away after 6 months (tear drop). Lucky for us though the option to promote your post has always been available with a fan page.
8. Newsfeed Marketing- Newsfeed marketing is the basis of social media marketing. By having a regularly updated Fan Page, you’ll be seen and noticed on the newsfeeds of your fans. When they interact with your posts and brand, you’ll show up on their friends’ newsfeeds.
9. Comment As Your Brand– You can comment as your brand, which allows your fans to feel as if they are talking to the company.
10. Facebook Contests and Tabs– You can’t host a successful contest on your personal page because the software and third party apps are just not there. Contest build engagement and engagement is your friend plus Facebook tabs are only allowed on Fan Pages.
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Author: Casthra Demosthene
Creator of FB ADS Elite Course 2015

Facebook Advertising: I can teach you how

Do you market on facebook?

If not why not?
Especially since over 500 million people use facebook daily.
Can you imagine how much you can make if less than 10% of those people saw your advertisement.
Right now the max amount of friends you can have on Facebook is 5000 and less than 10 percent of those people are actually seeing your post.
Out of that lucky 10% only less than 1% are actually interested in your product or service and are willing to pay NOW for it.
Well that’s where I come in at with my Facebook advertising course.
I’ll show you how out the 500 million people who use facebook daily you can micro target and advertise to the ones who are looking for your product and services right now.
People who are waiting for your product or are in need of your service, you can advertise to them.
In the past people have lost hundreds, and thousands on advertising on facebook incorrectly.
But I’m here to fix that, I’m showing people how to get the most for their money. You don’t have to spend a lot of money if you’re targeting the right people.
You’re not just going to learn how to target these people, you’re going to learn exactly how to word your ad for certain sexes, how to target just males only, how to target people base on their favorite colors.
I can go on and on about what I’ll be showing you guys but it’ll take all day.
This is why right now I’m looking for people like YOU who are interested in facebook advertising to come and test out this course.  That’s right YOU can get ahead of the crowd by testing this course before it launches.
The question is how???
3 easy steps will get you there.
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Do you get blocked when you try add too much friends on facebook?
I know the feeling, it’s the same kind of feeling when you post an
amazing picture or video and nobody comments.

I have been there and back. From facebook jail to getting no
interactions on my post, it becomes depressing.

Facebook is a pot of gold when it comes to leads, if you’re
doing it correctly. But the question is how can you do it properly?

How can you get the friends?
Get the likes and comment?
And convert your inbox messages to leads in your business?

That’s the question of the year and there’s a lot of people
claiming they have the answer but nothing to prove it.
There’s companies that have the answer, but they’re
asking for thousands of dollars to start off with.

Why pay thousands of dollars, especially when you’re
starting off in your business for something that is free.
Facebook is free and so is adding friends and gaining
real interactions on your post.

All you need is a method, they tell me.
So I hear about Facebook krusher, and everything it has
to offer, I’m skeptic but the price is nice so I gave it a try.

What happened??? totally caught me off guard.
Did I get Facebook jailed?
Did I get blocked or spammed?
Did my likes and comments increase?
What about my inbox message?
Did they convert to leads in business?

This video answer all that plus more.

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