400,000 facebook likes

 Here is an email I a message I received attached with the pictures below
OMG thank you Casthra, your Fb course is the bomb!!
I’ve been following it for a while now and I finally got 400,000
fans on my fan page.
Thank you again.
(A happy customer) *Name changed to protect identity
So if you’re looking for facebook results,
This student has been using the course for about 4-6 months now
growing their fan page.

Paying for Fan Page Like


I was getting charged $4.96 for page likes with this specific targeted audience and after 24hrs and only 228 people out of the 3,000 that were suppose to see my ad, I turned off the ad.

Why??? Because paying $5 for page likes doesn’t do much for my business especially with the lack of interaction from that specific targeted audience.

Especially since I was targeting the “work from home” audience, and due to the fact this specific category is really popular with business, FB is going to charge me more to show it to people. Not only that but my budget was only $5 so at $4.96 per click, I could only get 1 click.

Now if this was going to my capture page like I mentioned then I would increase my budget or tweak my ad by adding different stuff to drive down the price.

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