1st Week Of April In The Online World

I love starting Mondays like this, took some trades early this morning between 11pm-3am (I can’t give out specific times because these trades came from PMA’s Advance section. Also I don’t recommend doing big sums like that unless you are at least on Intermediate (Just my personal opinion) )


Got some clicks from FB, which lead to 2 sales today, not a bad way to start April huh??


*** Here is some truth, not everyday is amazing like this for me. As you can see in my commission proof pic (Right below) there was a 4 day gap between the 1st sale I made this month and the ones I made today.


So don’t stress out when you send people to your site and you don’t get a sale, it takes some people longer to join the movement and that’s ok.
Stay consistent and it’ll work out at the end, I don’t always make a sale from my Fb Ads but 95% of the time I do get real leads that open my email.

As long as they are opening your emails, you have an opportunity to make a sale with that person.

How To Make FAST Money Working From Home




Now I’m not lie and tell you that my results are guaranteed, but I am going to tell you exactly what I did to make an extra $3,225 in less than 60 days. Now my results are not that amazing only because I have people on my team who made $10,000+ in their first 60 days.

But regardless I am still grateful because a lot of people join the work from home industry and it literally takes them 6 month+ to generate at least $3,000. So I’m grateful and extremely humble (also be aware that this isn’t the only source of income I make).

I’m gonna lay it out in 3 easy steps, and you can take those steps and amplify it in your current business for equal or greater results, or you can just bypass this and keep doing the same old thing (even if the results suck).

Step 1: YOU ARE A NOBODY right now, people join these programs not because the company is completely awesome but because they like the way YOU presented the information or your personality. So make yourself available for people to get to know you, stop hiding behind the computer and start doing VIDEOS.
I know you got a big forehead, you talk with an accent, you only wear those super hero t shirt, you got a birth mark the size of Texas on your face, etc 
All those so call negative’s you got going on, you can use them to your advantage. I’m not America’s next top model and I talk with an accent but guess what I got people joining my company left to right. Why because they come across my youtube video, and they like my personality. Shocker right, so do videos and get your name out there.

Step 2: SOCIAL MEDIA DO & DON’T please stop using social media such as facebook, twitter, etc like a spammer. I mean really think about it, do people log into their facebook to see a post about a job opportunity. The come to see your lifestyle and to see what you’re up to. GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT show them the lifestyle of a work from home individual. I’m always showing pictures of me at the park with my kids, or shopping even at publix not just the mall. I mean you don’t need to have fancy cars or house to show your lifestyle. No matter how bad you think you got it, trust me there’s somebody who wish they could be spending time with their kids at the park.

Step 3: STOP SHOVING YOUR LINK DOWN PEOPLES THROAT ya I said it, whether it’s online or offline stop chocking people with your link. I get facebook messages all day and the first thing they say is “hey I have a great opportunity I think you would like, here’s my link check it out” No “hi, how are you”. Do I click on the link?? No would you??
Ya that’s what I thought treat people like how you want to be treated, I actually take the time to get to know who my prospects are beforehand. And as hard as this may sound but I actually WAIT FOR THEM TO ASK FOR MY LINK.

So these are my 3 main steps that I use to make my income online and based on the projection my income is going to double in the next 30 days. HOW??? Simply because I’m going to amplify the tactics that are working for me.

*here’s a secret if you are doing something and you are getting great results from it, instead of trying something different just do MORE of what is currently working, even if that means paid advertisement.

*check out my youtube video as an example of what you could do

*If you want to see what I do for a living, click on this link >>> See what I do to make an extra $3,225 a month in less than 60 days.


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