No Selling No Recruiting Needed $6k Proof Video


All from trading, I started this month with triple that amount but after purchasing a new car, paying bills and putting some in my saving account all I had left as of 8/20/14 was $6k. And honestly $6k left over is a whole lot nicer than when I had less than $600 left in my bank account after just paying my bills and filling up my fridge.

And the best part is I did this without selling or recruiting, using only the education and skills I’ve learned from PMA. This is why I always recommend PMA to my friends and family. When people ask me “wow how are you making all this money?” My answer “Print My ATM!!!”


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It Was All A Dream: Network Marketing

It Was All A Dream: Network Marketing

1. Ice Cube – received a degree in architectural drafting from the Phoenix Institute of Technology.

2. Gwen Stefani – first job was scrubbing floors at Dairy Queen.

3. Rob Schneider – once worked in an ice cream parlor washing dishes.

4. Tupac Shakur – got his start in 1990 as a back-up dancer and roadie for the rap group Digital Underground.

5. Russell Simmons – (founder of Def Jam Records) was fired from Orange Julius in high school.

6. Steven Spielberg – used to work outside keeping the bugs away from fruit trees.

7. Howard Stern – originally worked as an ice cream truck driver selling ice cream to kids.

8. Mr. T – previous occupations include gym teacher, military policeman, and bouncer.

9. Kurt Warner – quarterback cut from the NFL and had to take a job in a grocery store to make ends meet. Eventually he came back and became MVP and led his team to win the 2000 Superbowl.

10. Kanye West – at one time worked for the Gap. It was the inspiration for his song Spaceship.

11. Sandra Bullock – worked as a bartender, cocktail waitress, and coat checker before hitting it big.

12. Kurt Cobain – before hitting it big in the band Nirvana, Cobain worked as a janitor for Lemons Janitorial Service.

13. Sean Combs – Diddy was an intern at Uptown Records where he did grunt work like washing cars & fetching coffee.

14. Johnny Depp – before he made it big with Nightmare On Elm Street, Depp worked as an over-the-phone pen salesman.

15. Bradd Pitt – supported his early acting career by driving limos, moving refrigerators and “dressing as a giant chicken while working for el Pollo Loco!”

Don’t ever give up on your DREAMS!!!!
Is the message here, whether it’s starting your own business, get a rap deal, landing a movie roll, just don’t give up.
We all started at the bottom before we made our rise to the top.

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Intro: Network Marketing is EASY

Success is not define by how easy it came, but rather how hard you worked. Casthra Demosthene

Network Marketing is not a easy field to be in. It’s not for the weak hearted. It’s an industry that can easily break you, send you home in tears. It’s an exclusive field, you can only fake it so long before it breaks you. But for those that withstand the tornado that is network marketing, the success and freedom they reap is out of this world. It’s an industry that allows for you to be your own boss. The philosophy is work hard now, play harder later and this is one of the few industry’s that’s proof that this statement still lives on.

Casthra Demosthene

Casthra Demosthene




The Pursuit of Happiness


In the second section of the Declaration of Independence it reads “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

The last sentence is what I really want to focus on, the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s funny how the founding father’s guaranteed each and every one of the right to life and liberty but when it came to happiness, they could only guaranteed the pursuit of it.

This was no mistake, it’s not a typo, because no other individual can guarantee YOU happiness. Only you can guarantee happiness for yourself, take for instance Bill Gates he has found some type of happiness with the computer programs and products he creates. While other entrepreneurs in the same field are pursuing this same type of happiness, many wonder day and night why they are unable to obtain the same type of success as Bill Gates. The same people become jealous and angry, they feel as it Bill Gates owes them the knowledge of how he’s made his success. Although Bill Gates has book, seminars, programs, scholarship, etc geared toward providing every one with the knowledge of he became successful, many of us are still unable to do what Bill Gates did with computer programs and products.

So instead of waiting for someone to hold your hands and tell you step by step how to obtain success, YOU need to take the steps necessary towards success. Your happiness is at your mercy, if in order for you to be happy you want more money, to work less, spend more time with family, go on exotic vacations, purchase luxurious cars,hang out with celebrities, etc. Then get off your butt and start doing the work, stop staring at the computer screen getting mad at other network marketer who are making the type of income you desire. Instead of commenting that a certain program is a scam, do your research. Stop talking bad about your sponsors because they refuse to hand you over all the success and happiness you crave with little to no work on your part.

Network marketing, online opportunities and stay at home opportunities can help you achieve everything that you want but just like the founding father’s I can not guarantee you success, I can only guarantee you the knowledge that you have the right to be successful and happy. I don’t know which systems or programs that is going to get you specifically there, I just know the systems and programs that I participate in have led to great success and happiness for ME.