Print My ATM/ PMA Paid August 2014

Got paid on a holiday, money deposit in my paypal didn’t even have to wait. Understand it’s not a lot but that’s just my affiliate’s commission, not including what I made from trading this month which I ended up using to get a family car.

Aint never made this much money before online and best part is I only got 15 people on my PMA team, and I’m making $4k with them. #lovepma#binaryoptionstrading #pma




The Family Car, I Call Her Patty lol


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Proof That It’s A Scam.

ImageIt’s ok I’m Batman

Prospect: So I only need 12 people to make $1,548 a month

Me: Yup, that’s $18,576 a year. Sound nice right

Prospect: Sounds more like a scam

Me: I actually understand why you said that. But I want you to look at it from my point of view for one second. We have over a thousand people in this company, in 36 different countries. Do you really think all those people who’s been showing proof pics for the past 2 years, got together and decided to scam you out of $129. If you divide $129 by a minim of a thousand, that’s only pennies. So there’s no way over a thousand people got together to fake their success in order to scam you. Do you get where I’m coming from?

Prospect: huh I never thought about it like that, that actually makes a lot of sense. Ok I wanna give this a try.

Me: (in my mind) man I’m like batman, I just changed this dudes life by using a little super power called facts. I’m totally gonna dress like batman for Halloween this year, awesome.

Prospect: umm can you send me the link please.

Me: oh ya my bad, I got you.






Defining Success: Spoken Words

Defining Success: Spoken Words

How do you define SUCCESS?? Do you define it by the shiny cars you drive? Or maybe it’s define by the fast pace way you live. Stripper poles, I wonder do Santa got those up north?.

Flash, Flash look at my cash they say. But call for help and I don’t hear em for days. WTF??
You a leader, I’m a leader, they a leader, even flying pigs call themselves leaders, Huh don’t forget the question mark.
Cuz the only time you’ll ever see those leader cry is in the dark.

They pour their Henny in champagne glasses, this the kind of sh*t they didn’t teach you in those college classes. Pocket full of debt but hey just stay focus on that picture of house well kept.

Fake it, till you make it. Got that? No, well it goes like this if you believe it, then you can’t fake it. Right?

Let’s give it up to miss, miss got 3 kids and she’s doing her thing on minim wage.
Works 40 plus hour just to make rent, she don’t think of as jail but I think of it as cage.
Trapped day in and out no mater how much you work, you’re never moving up right.

Red pill or green pill you made the choice, didn’t get that reference then check out the matrix later on tonight.

Funny how your excuses are bigger than the problem at hand,
your so busy looking through a compressed vision.
You can’t see the solution even though it’s right in front of your tunneled vision.

Hey I’m not here to judge you, not even waste my time trying to understanding you. Just trying to figure out how you define success?
That’s it nothing less.

By: Casthra Demosthene 12/26/2013 (contact before use)