Proof That It’s A Scam.

ImageIt’s ok I’m Batman

Prospect: So I only need 12 people to make $1,548 a month

Me: Yup, that’s $18,576 a year. Sound nice right

Prospect: Sounds more like a scam

Me: I actually understand why you said that. But I want you to look at it from my point of view for one second. We have over a thousand people in this company, in 36 different countries. Do you really think all those people who’s been showing proof pics for the past 2 years, got together and decided to scam you out of $129. If you divide $129 by a minim of a thousand, that’s only pennies. So there’s no way over a thousand people got together to fake their success in order to scam you. Do you get where I’m coming from?

Prospect: huh I never thought about it like that, that actually makes a lot of sense. Ok I wanna give this a try.

Me: (in my mind) man I’m like batman, I just changed this dudes life by using a little super power called facts. I’m totally gonna dress like batman for Halloween this year, awesome.

Prospect: umm can you send me the link please.

Me: oh ya my bad, I got you.






Making Money Online is Impossible

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“It always seems impossible until it’s done”. Nelson Mandela

This quote happens to be my favorite quote in the world, because it is so simple yet so powerful. In my life I’ve been told so many things are impossible, I’ve had my ideas laughed at by peers and told I’m crazy. I’ve been told to stick to what I know, stay on the traditional route, stop taking risks because it’ll all end up in failure.

I wonder just how many times those same words were spoken to the Wright brothers. I wonder how many times when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs was approached by people who said it was impossible. All the greats business man & women, all the great inventors, scientist, chefs, teachers, officers. Have all heard those same exact line “its impossible”, and yet they proved that impossible did not exist.

So friends, family, co-workers, stranger’s on the bus may tell you that’s it’s impossible to make money online, that it’s too much of a risk. Let me the first to tell you, it has all ready been done. There are millions of people making income from home. Ask these individuals if it’s was ever impossible¬† and they’ll say that word never did exist for them.

It’s not impossible to make $300.00 a day in your pajamas, nor is it impossible to make $1500 in a week working only 20hrs, it’s not impossible to make $30,000 a month while you are vacationing in Costa Rica or the Caribbeans with your family, and it’s not impossible to make $1,000,000 in 12 months and retire at 30.

I say why not after all I am as real as you are, I breathe the same air as you do and when I hurt bleed red just like you. If this type of income is possible for me, and this lifestyle is real.

Why do you listen to the people who says it’s impossible?

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