Proof That It’s A Scam.

ImageIt’s ok I’m Batman

Prospect: So I only need 12 people to make $1,548 a month

Me: Yup, that’s $18,576 a year. Sound nice right

Prospect: Sounds more like a scam

Me: I actually understand why you said that. But I want you to look at it from my point of view for one second. We have over a thousand people in this company, in 36 different countries. Do you really think all those people who’s been showing proof pics for the past 2 years, got together and decided to scam you out of $129. If you divide $129 by a minim of a thousand, that’s only pennies. So there’s no way over a thousand people got together to fake their success in order to scam you. Do you get where I’m coming from?

Prospect: huh I never thought about it like that, that actually makes a lot of sense. Ok I wanna give this a try.

Me: (in my mind) man I’m like batman, I just changed this dudes life by using a little super power called facts. I’m totally gonna dress like batman for Halloween this year, awesome.

Prospect: umm can you send me the link please.

Me: oh ya my bad, I got you.






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